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Planting a Seed

A1 Printing Service, Inc. is a Memphis-based company that has been serving the Mid-South for more than 30 years.  With the ability to provide exceptional service to its client, the name A1 Printing is no longer an unfamiliar name, but one that has been rooted in the mind of many who search for quality service.    


The company began in 1988 with the purchase of an antique two-color sheet-fed press located in a backyard shed known as “the incubator”.  During those days the owners, Mr. and Mrs. Windless, provided business cards, letterheads, newsletters, envelopes and other printing services for customers. 


One day following a long day of printing in his incubator, Mr. Windless was spiritually inspired to plant a seed.  Now, being that he was the son of sharecropper, he knew that his seeds had to be planted in a place where it would grow and spread in time. 


His first thought was to plant it in the ground deep enough that even Pepper, the family dog, wouldn’t dig it up.  But, this type of seed that Mr. Windless was envisioning was not one that required covering. 


Then, he thought about placing it in a small pot and setting it in the kitchen window so it would receive light from the sun. But, this type of seed was designed to go distance from one person to another.  He thought to himself, the pot will confine it to that one spot and in time it will wither away.

Days later while attending Sunday school, there appeared before him in the book of Matthew 13:9, “Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.”  This was the same type of seed that appeared to Mr. Windless in a vision.  He says to the Mrs., I know only one way to plant this seed so that it will not fall by the way side, or on stony ground; but, it will remain safe from the fowls of the air and not be choked out by thorns. 


He said to Mrs. Windless, “From this day forth, we will plant our seed in minds”.  When it comes to printing, people should remember only one name: A1 Printing Service, Inc. 


In 2003, the company adapted a new slogan, “The best place to plant a seed is in the MIND. Think Printing, Think A1”. 


There was no need for a sales force.  The name, A1 Printing soon spread across the Mid-South and throughout the U.S. on the word of exceptional quality service and satisfied customers. From individuals to private entities to corporate giants, the name A1 Printing took root in the minds of its customers.  The company later expanded its service from 5/color processing into print on-demand, digital screen printing, in-house perfect binding and shipping and fulfillment.  This is how A1 Printing grew into a million-dollar operation.



"The best place to plant a seed is in the MIND. Think Printing, Think A1”. 

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